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5 Great Tips To Do Before Sexual Intercourse That Will Put Your Partner At Ease While Having Sex

The word sex when mentioned has much influence over the mind and how people think. Some people on hearing the word it will excite them or, it could have an adverse effect causing fear and disgust. Commonly this is because most may never have had sexual intercourse in their life. Just the thought of sleeping with someone of the opposite sex can see one person cringe, while, the sex maniac is likely to get a tingle down his or her spine.
The amount of men and women who have never had sexual intercourse is shockingly high. Reasons for this may be out of choice, fear or other, whatever it is most obstacles are overcome with professional help. Talking to the right person will help get your confidence back if it was knocked in the past because of a bad experience, or, if it's something else preventing you from doing what you want to do (have sex), but can't, then book an appointment to see a doctor or a sex guidance consultant.
Remember you are the boss and therefore you never have to do something you are not comfortable doing as this can cause problems. Making love (sexual intercourse) is a beautiful thing with the right person, and even more beautiful if initiated properly.
1. Sex is always going to be a pleasant experience with someone you love. However, if this is your first time and sex is happening with someone you don't know too well, get to know them as it will make the experience a lot more fun. Ask about their likes and dislikes. The more you know about how to please this person betters the odds of your actions being seen as satisfactory rather than being seen as a flop. Sex with someone not really known to you, have a condom on standby.
2. Before intercourse and there's fear inside take things slow making sure your partner understands your feelings. A good understanding between both people will allow the situation be handled more easily. Bide your time as fear may take a long time to overcome. If the first attempt at sexual intercourse doesn't go as planned, talk about where it went wrong to help make things right for when you try again.
3. This is an intimate moment so don't rush in like a bull in a china shop. Gently hold your partner and kiss. Kisses should linger. Let the lips roam down to the neck and ear lobe and wherever else after that. If at any time you feel apprehensive about continuing stop and breathe in and out until you are back in control.
4. Fondling the body is important. Every touch or stroke has to be meaningful. Feel your partner's body while clothed slowly removing one garment at a time until naked. If full nudity embarrasses you tell your partner. Over time it will get easier allowing you to accept that revealing flesh is a real turn on for most people. If you are the giver in a relationship and intend on using the tongue ask if this is okay, as it is not everyone's cup of tea.
5. When getting naked becomes a habit for you and you are content your partner can explore your body freely with his or her hands and tongue without worry of spoiling the moment.
If this is your first sex encounter with a man and you stand before him naked it is likely he'll have an erection by now. A stiff hard penis is a sign of arousal. This is good as now you know what your man sees' pleases him greatly and that's before the best part, where you get to please him more doing that beautiful thing called sex.

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5 Great Tips To Do Before Sexual Intercourse That Will Put Your Partner At Ease While Having Sex 5 Great Tips To Do Before Sexual Intercourse That Will Put Your Partner At Ease While Having Sex Reviewed by DANRYMOTION on July 22, 2017 Rating: 5

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